Cathy wore what she liked to refer to as one of the handfull or so short hairstyles for women.

Short hairstyles for women of a certain age are popular, correct and right?

Cathy poses the question to us in a recent email to the Frowns help desk.

Yes Cathy that time in a women’s life where she is juggling, greys and hair lenghts that do nothing for her demeanor can lead her to throw in the long locks towel and settle for the hair style her own mother wore with pride for half a life time.

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Frowns find the share on Facebook button

I’ll tell you one thing wannabe Frowns. This  share on Facebook  button lark is great craic and we believe it is really catching on.

Have a go Flo yourselves and report back to us here at the desk. We will make time even though I just know by the look on Carmel’s face she is sharing the photos from our last office night out and probably won’t here the pc bleep.

Searching your name on Google. Ah “Babs the Brave!”

Babs goes it alone - into cyber space.

Babs goes it alone – into cyber space.

Well didn’t our Babs go and do a search your name on Google herself.

A sort of selfie for real nerds, sure enough her profile pic from Facebook appeared and that photo some one had attached to her poem about pigs innards, that was there too. It all looked very wholesome she thought. Until out of the blue she Googled again,

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Joyce tells us a tale of woe – DIY – because she has to.

big bum

Heave ho Joyce’s, a tale of woe.

Joyce is seen here ( a rear end view ) heaving a bed into “the wardrobe” as she likes to call it. A good mother our Joyce giving into to her children’s whims. Number two son wanted to go Harry Potter style and live in the walk in wardrobe. But without her man offering any assistance in the house our Joyce has to heave ho until she gets the bed into position.

She mentions it was a temporary whim, he moved out after a few months and the whole ” to the left, no right, right a bit more, watch me fingers will yea” had to  start over again.