Carlow Native – goes dolally at the line – or so the story goes


If she’d been lucky enough to possess a second washing machine out in the shed. She’d have had a field day.


Carlow native Catty  went dolally and apart from sharing her excitement with us  wanted a definitive answer if she qualified as a frown. Continue reading


Debbie’s nude nylon holdup stockings, the sweet memory, kept her going in times where other lesser women would have caved.

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Let’s just call him Mower Man. But we all know its Will good looking Young (for legal reasons we hope will never become apparent). Debbie’s nude nylon holdup stockings catch his eye while booking into a room for one. Continue reading

Pressing flowers and other olde worlde aspirations

I got an inquiry from Daphne recently regarding pressing flowers. ( Lovely name by the way, I had an aunt once, oops still do).

Well Daphne it is true Frowns like to dabble in the world of arts and crafts and if they have the time and the space on the kitchen table or better still that long sought after spare room with a table and some light they can set up camp with their trusty sewing machine, laminater, glue pots, chicken wire, oil paints, and in your case flower press and cards.

Yes is the brief answer.
All Frowns attempt stuff.
As a founder member I too have dabbled in flower pressing and even had a little side line doing book marks for a number of years till my next big dabble took over.

I recently introduced my youngest to the fine art as opposed to the dark arts.