Lets just call her Janice….. from Leitrim

Janice asks: Hello FROWNS. I have been wondering am I one too.  I rarely shave, it’s lazy really but is that the sort of gal you want.


FROWN FOUNDER: Answers:  Janice, Janice, Janice while us frowns do hate pain in the waxing dept and have to admit once bitten twice shy on the whole bikini line wax front.

I hold my hand up when the count goes out who here hasn’t had a Brazilian?

Now whether you prefer to wax or you just rarely shave you don’t specify.

As a frown I shall take a stab at it and say you rarely shave your legs, hence you go around with your skirt (knee-length summer prints are a true sign of a Frown, home sewn or up cycled for the über frown) and in this weather, sporting nylons so my dear, very defiantly NOT.  That look long dark hairs crushed on the bone beneath sherry shade nylons is just not tennis, it drags us women folk down. JANICE BARRED. Do not call again. Sorry


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