Hair and the curse of going grey?

As a frown, we lot are happy in our own skins its the going grey that’s the issue.

We are happy in our caverns out of the spot light.
Pottering around the kitchen, reading cookery books, cutting cards and gluing pressed flowers to make intricate designs.
But when we have to face our public an inch deep grey badger streak  isn’t a look we cheer too loudly at.
But thrifty is our middle name so naturally we have dabbled in the home colour ( mix two tubes together for Gods sake girls – at least you can pretend you were at the salon…from a distance). Push it out to six weeks and be happy with hats.

There are many styles that can hide that badger stripe,they do induce hat head though.
Some extreme measures are taken by those extreme frowns. Pretending you’re a big Shave Or Dye fan for cancer and get it all shaved off and see what the new all grey look is really like.

Is is a good grey? Just crying out for a good cut. Or as you feared its white like some 101 year old great  granny and it is not a look your prepared to venture outside with while you still have school going children and consider your legs to be your best asset.


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