Mary B rides again, well she is riding on the front line today.


Mary B rides again.

Fellow Frowns, you know how it is, your sipping a well earned coffee, the second line of washing is blowing in the spitting rain, the 60 degree wash is in mid cycle and you hear the ding ding of a bike bell.

Sure enough you’ve a visitor at that ungodly hour, your still in your dressing gown and a 70’s throw back night gown, your slippers stink and you have been picking at that recurring sebaceous boil on your cheek.

But hey visitors are few on the homestead so you flick the kettle to re-boil.
“No you’re not too early women, sit your self down. Have a tea or a coffee”, you say. Hoping the sudden rush of air dosen’t send a waft of sweaty slipper/feet skyward. Mary B is what us Frowns would call a big woman, she plonked her big womans bum down on your to-do pile of ironing. Backing it up cushion fashion to make herself at home.
Now before you can ask how her cycle over was and remark that her skirt is nice and long, respectable for cycling on these country roads and that the police still haven’t caught the flasher yet. She gets in with, “Liam the bounder was out all night again!”
Hells bells your in for it so…..every time he goes out on a bender she begins to doubt his love for her. You have to tread easy, offer your mansize Kleenex, your good denby china and listen…listen…and listen despite your washing machine’s done light flashing and the spitting rain cleared up and your two kids in their county jerseys ready for GAA training, started 10 mins ago.
Oh well it’s all in a day for us Frowns active on the front line.


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