Scrimping and saving for a mortgage.

images (5)bed

She is out spending her new found spondulicks, while you’re scrimping, saving for a mortgage and bills you say.

“Just a bed for the night” as the song goes, was how she put it.

Well your arm was twisted. A distant cousin living on the wrong side of where the jobs are at tracks.
You say, ” sure she can stay, till she gets on her feet.” Generous gullible soul that you are.
What part of feet did they not get?
Here at the FROWNS help desk we can offer you, ( Pixie you say, How do you do?) subtle hints and ways to rid your house of this vermin disguised as a long lost cousin. ( Oh they’er not that bad…it’s just a few bob towards rent & bills would be nice and not to be taken for a ride.)

She is out spending her new found spondulicks, you’re scrimping for a mortgage and bills you say.

Ah the folly of youth! A good stern lesson she won’t forget in a hurry. It will set her up for life. She will actually thank you one day. ( when ever she gets out of hostel, or door way living).

Well Pixie have you tried lying. Oh do, I find you can’t beat a good old fashioned lie. No beating about the bush with a lie. No with a lie your coming to your point straight on. Just say that your finding it a struggle and another friend is looking to RENT a room and you thought you’d rent this one .
Now your little Miss “live in your ear and rent the other one out in flats” hopefully will offer to match the rent and it’s a win win situation, unless you’re the type that likes your own space and having had her camping and flinging stained undies about your bespoke bathroom has copper-fastened that idea and you just want her to ship out.Do tell us here at the FHD how you get on.


One thought on “Scrimping and saving for a mortgage.

  1. Well Pixie, I believe your being ever so unfair to your young relative. I was once very grateful to a old uncle of mine for letting me share a not so spare, spare room while I got to grips with the rooting/tooting/highlife of a first job.
    But I do see your house guest wasn’t quite so gratefull.
    My gratitude is now nearly five and due to start primary school this September…..mind you I wouldn’t be without either of them now.

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