Silly season at the FHD – for those left holding the baby.


It’s silly season. Just like musical chairs here, just as one arrives back in the office all golden tanned another is ready to leg it out the door.

I see it has been pretty quiet while I was off in the sunnier ( though not much) climes of down town Turkey.

One query that jumps out of the slush pile though, is from a first time texter, long time follower JESSIE.

Well JESSIE was herself hanging around departure lounges when she spots an old foe who she has to admit looks good, well healed too with a bit of a brood. Well our JESSIE tried many moons ago when they were all young free and well the foe was doing a line but JESSIE who was “single” tried to coax away  the line ( if we get her drift?).

I say so your old FOE was here on her hols with the said “LINE” now married with a family of their own and you were looking on at how well she’d aged etc. Well yes but more importantly our JESSIE wanted to get a good look at himself! But unless he had some how morphed into a gormless wannabe,  he didn’t appear to be with them, one of her sons did have a passing resemblance to the old flame ( but it was a dark night , a fumble, a grope really, but it remained with our JESSIE) She was convinced she’d recognize himself if she saw him some 25 yrs on but if that lad with the long bowl hair cut was him she had made a lucky escape and the foe was welcome to him!

So here at the FHD we suggested that the hubby element didn’t actually go and that the gormless-boy as you so un-pc put it could be a brother and your foe is a decent kind person while the decent kind hubby is working, letting them all off to enjoy themselves.


One thought on “Silly season at the FHD – for those left holding the baby.

  1. To really identify someone in the airport when your not too sure, I find this innocent tactic helpfull. When your all waiting, waiting and waiting around the luggage carousel, just as your intended target goes to grab their luggage you get in first and read their name tag, then say your sorry, you thought it was yours!! That add further clues as to who’s who.

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