Getting down to it, now she’s sent the kids back to school.


Who ever invented house work should be shot.

She’s closed the front door behind them, sent the kids back to school. Good riddance ( ah not really… but you know the feeling.)

You know how it is writes Louise, you’ve been baking all summer, crispie buns, cupcakes, brownies, trying out smoothie ideas and well every baking tray and whizzer is stuck with gunk.

Well eh, not quiet Louise of kitchen hell fame, but go on girl, we here at the FROWNS help desk are here just for the likes of you and your germ ridden gaff.

So Louise was saying she just got a giant black sack, and loaded the complete lot, pots pans, rolling pins, half used rice crispies, margarine packets going off ( not in the fridge yuck) in and f….ed it out for the Tuesday bin collection. None of the kids or himself were any the wiser when they got in. The kitchen was sparkling , the free-flowing feng shui air was there for the breathing in and all was calm until number two son tips up his school bag ready for a bit of help with his homework.

Hell’s bells Lou, were with you there girl, who ever invented housework should be shot.


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