Bi annual chimney sweeping leaves a trail in its wake.

Gloria's man gets down and dirty.

Gloria’s man gets down and dirty.

There was a definite stink about the place after Gloria’s bi annual chimney sweeping.

I was just back in the office ( newly refurbished, details later Frown fans) when Gloria’s issues with her layabout of a man caught my eye. Now Gloria stresses, his layaboutishness is of no fault of his own and us here at the Frowns help desk are not in the business of contradicting ¬†our followers views.

Her man took the decision to clean the chimney in the kitchen, the one connected to the range. (County gal obviously.) Now us here at the FHD think “Great, another job done around the gaff, one that won’t break the bank either.

But our Gloria’s problem lies here: Her man got down and dirty with the wire brushes while she busied herself in the city where she managed to squeeze in a manicure.
On her return she noted the range was very hot.

But there was a definite stink about the place. On further investigation (she hadn’t even taken off her coat, I might add) walked-in sooty footprints adorned every room of the gaff.

Nothing for it for our Gloria, put away her purchases, don an apron, tote the mop bucket in from the shed and mop up away the foot prints and soot. Not until it was too her exact standard could she relax.

Why do these men folk tackle a “big job” but never follow through on the clean up afterwards?

We hear your cry girl….we hear your cry.

Nothing thorough about the species is the buzz word going about the office in reply. A mere hole drilled in the wall can leave a mound of plasterboard granules on the carpet , conveniently not noticed by himself and you ( or Mazie on FHD Tuesday shift in this case) has to get out the Dyson .

Of course our Gloria’s manicure, as you no doubt will have guessed has “gone for a burton” and that now chipped and grubby “pale pink shimmer” thanks to Gloria having done two rounds with an industrial mop and bucket will need removing with nail polish remover. Another ten euro up the swanee!


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