Cathy wore what she liked to refer to as one of the handfull or so short hairstyles for women.

Short hairstyles for women of a certain age are popular, correct and right?

Cathy poses the question to us in a recent email to the Frowns help desk.

Yes Cathy that time in a women’s life where she is juggling, greys and hair lenghts that do nothing for her demeanor can lead her to throw in the long locks towel and settle for the hair style her own mother wore with pride for half a life time.

Our Cathy reminds us for  good measure of  her hairdresser limbo years!

Short hair styles

Cathy leaves the salon a new woman

Do tell Cathy. “We’ve all been there!” A shout up from the rear of the office, my antenna say it’s either from Carmel’s desk or new recruit Dina Dale ( manning the hot line on Tuesdays in the PM).

She goes on; having dabbled in home colours during the Troika years ( doing her bit for belt-tightening etc) she had some how found herself in  hair salon no-mans-land. She had lost contact, was nobodies regular, never read the latest Hello magazine, or sipped piping hot coffee with the odd hair floating on top. ( Carmel: a fund of information say ” coffee boiled is coffee spoiled” by the way.)

Well Cathy did you venture back to the bosom of the rolly brush brigade? Yes indeed. And allowed a suitably qualified colour expert “Hillary”, if her mind serves her correctly. (Age and the mind!! don’t get us going.) to strip that vile reddish gunk out of her locks. She caressed her with a hint of chestnut and hid the greys for another month. But the main point of the email ( about time, Dina Dale will be heading for the 6 o’clock bus.) she got Hillary to give a tight cut and well it is now very boyish except for the volume put by a narrow rolly brush.

Oh dear Cathy, you let them take a clippers to it.

Tell us how you fare off.



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