Frowns find the share on Facebook button

I’ll tell you one thing wannabe Frowns. This  share on Facebook  button lark is great craic and we believe it is really catching on.

Have a go Flo yourselves and report back to us here at the desk. We will make time even though I just know by the look on Carmel’s face she is sharing the photos from our last office night out and probably won’t here the pc bleep.


The Big M! No one is prepared to engage. Why?

When no one is prepared to engage what is a women to do?

When no one is prepared to engage what is a women to do?

The big M is a natural phase in a women’s life, one to be embraced like those dreaded monthly’s and blind boils. Continue reading

Silly season at the FHD – for those left holding the baby.


It’s silly season. Just like musical chairs here, just as one arrives back in the office all golden tanned another is ready to leg it out the door.

I see it has been pretty quiet while I was off in the sunnier ( though not much) climes of down town Turkey.

One query that jumps out of the slush pile though, is from a first time texter, long time follower JESSIE.

Well JESSIE was herself hanging around departure lounges when she spots an old foe Continue reading

Carlow Native – goes dolally at the line – or so the story goes


If she’d been lucky enough to possess a second washing machine out in the shed. She’d have had a field day.


Carlow native Catty  went dolally and apart from sharing her excitement with us  wanted a definitive answer if she qualified as a frown. Continue reading

Debbie’s nude nylon holdup stockings, the sweet memory, kept her going in times where other lesser women would have caved.

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Let’s just call him Mower Man. But we all know its Will good looking Young (for legal reasons we hope will never become apparent). Debbie’s nude nylon holdup stockings catch his eye while booking into a room for one. Continue reading