Bi annual chimney sweeping leaves a trail in its wake.

Gloria's man gets down and dirty.

Gloria’s man gets down and dirty.

There was a definite stink about the place after Gloria’s bi annual chimney sweeping. Continue reading


Getting down to it, now she’s sent the kids back to school.


Who ever invented house work should be shot.

She’s closed the front door behind them, sent the kids back to school. Good riddance ( ah not really… but you know the feeling.)

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Joyce tells us a tale of woe – DIY – because she has to.

big bum

Heave ho Joyce’s, a tale of woe.

Joyce is seen here ( a rear end view ) heaving a bed into “the wardrobe” as she likes to call it. A good mother our Joyce giving into to her children’s whims. Number two son wanted to go Harry Potter style and live in the walk in wardrobe. But without her man offering any assistance in the house our Joyce has to heave ho until she gets the bed into position.

She mentions it was a temporary whim, he moved out after a few months and the whole ” to the left, no right, right a bit more, watch me fingers will yea” had to  start over again.

Carlow Native – goes dolally at the line – or so the story goes


If she’d been lucky enough to possess a second washing machine out in the shed. She’d have had a field day.


Carlow native Catty  went dolally and apart from sharing her excitement with us  wanted a definitive answer if she qualified as a frown. Continue reading