Cathy wore what she liked to refer to as one of the handfull or so short hairstyles for women.

Short hairstyles for women of a certain age are popular, correct and right?

Cathy poses the question to us in a recent email to the Frowns help desk.

Yes Cathy that time in a women’s life where she is juggling, greys and hair lenghts that do nothing for her demeanor can lead her to throw in the long locks towel and settle for the hair style her own mother wore with pride for half a life time.

Our Cathy reminds us for  good measure of  her hairdresser limbo years! Continue reading


Little did she know it when she donned that cowboy hat……

Little did she know it when she donned that cowboy hat......


Lets just call her Cody ( that way her inlaws will be thrown off the scent) No one ever said that coupling cheap flip flops, a plastic mock cowboy hat, those blue tinted sunglasses and the matching tea dress while out foreign would some how seal her fate in life.

Pressing flowers and other olde worlde aspirations

I got an inquiry from Daphne recently regarding pressing flowers. ( Lovely name by the way, I had an aunt once, oops still do).

Well Daphne it is true Frowns like to dabble in the world of arts and crafts and if they have the time and the space on the kitchen table or better still that long sought after spare room with a table and some light they can set up camp with their trusty sewing machine, laminater, glue pots, chicken wire, oil paints, and in your case flower press and cards.

Yes is the brief answer.
All Frowns attempt stuff.
As a founder member I too have dabbled in flower pressing and even had a little side line doing book marks for a number of years till my next big dabble took over.

I recently introduced my youngest to the fine art as opposed to the dark arts.

Pimp my aprons. (Here’s more than you can shake a stick at.)

Us here in Frowns do like a stock of  nice aprons.

And from this  apron link  to you will have no end to wonderful aprons.

The problem is of course they are all too good to use. Now us Frowns do not put things up. No we like to be surrounded by our nice pretty stuff and use it where possible so unless your prepared to have it in tatters and a tad stained early on buy two!